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Conductive fabric

Views: 610 Update date: Sep 04,2018
The conductive fabric is a fiber (commonly used polyester fiber) as a base material, 
and after being pretreated, an electroplated metal plating layer is applied to have a metal characteristic to become a conductive fiber.
 It can be divided into: nickel-plated conductive fabric, gold-plated conductive fabric, carbon-coated conductive fabric, aluminum foil fiber fabric. 
The conductive fabric material is chemically deposited or metal physically transferred from the metal nickel to the 
polyester fiber, and then coated with a highly conductive copper layer on the nickel, and then electroplated with
 an anti-oxidation machine on the copper layer to prevent corrosion. The combination of nickel metal, copper and 
nickel provides excellent electrical conductivity and good electromagnetic shielding. The shielding range is from 100K to 3GHz.
So it is widely used in the field of RFID blocking, electromagnetic shielding or EMF EMI shielding also signal blocking.
It can be used to make the RFID series wallet, credit or business card bag, passport, Mobile phone radiation 
protection bag, signal shielding bag, computer case cover, pregnant women radiation protection clothing, 
anti static clothing, shielding curtain, electronic communications industry, heavily militarized shielding room.


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