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Why Do Electronics Need ESD Packaging?

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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) refers to the flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects. When static electricity builds up, it can damage sensitive electronic devices.


ESD can make electronic components fail, erase or alter magnetic media, destroy sensitive electronics, even cause fires and explosions. Handling electronic components requires ESD-compliant protective gear, such as ESD table mats, wrist straps, ionization products and much more. Shipping ESD sensitive devices can even be more complex.


How Do You Decide on the Proper ESD Packaging?


ESD packaging has developed steadily over the last 25 years, offering new ways to protect sensitive electronics during shipment. Today, there is a wide variety of ESD safe cushioning materials, specialty ESD plastics, static shielding films, ESD safe barrier films, conductive corrugated mailers and anti-static amine free shipping products.


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What Does ESD Packaging Do?


To ship electronic devices and components from facility to facility, ESD protective packaging is absolutely necessary. ESD packaging controls electrostatic discharge using special chemical coatings and antistatic materials. It eliminates or drastically reduces charge generation and accumulation, protecting sensitive electronics from damage. Without using ESD packaging, your electronics are exposed to the elements and will most likely become seriously damaged.


ESD packaging provides the same level of physical protection as regular packing materials when it comes to keeping an item safe from physical damage and shock during transport. Standard commercial packaging items such as bubble wrap, poly bags, foam and corrugated boxes are all available in ESD safe versions.


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