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Why electronic products should be antistatic?

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Electronic products should be antistatic reasons:

Because most electronic electrical products have circuit boards, capacitive diodes and other components on the electric heel board, the current they are generally allowed to pass is very small. 

If the human body has more static electricity, after touching the electric heel on the circuit board, The generated current can cause damage to the breakdown element, so the general electronics factory must wear an anti static suit and wear insulated gloves.

Static electricity is a charge that is in a stationary state. In the dry and windy autumn, people often experience this phenomenon in their daily lives. When they take off their clothes at night, they often hear crackling sounds in the dark and are accompanied by blue light. When they meet and shake hands, their fingers just touch each other. Will suddenly feel the pinprick of the fingertip, it is surprising; When you get up in the morning to comb your hair, your hair will often "float" and get more and more chaotic. When you pull the door handle and turn on the faucet, you will "electrocute" and often make a sound of "<UNK>, <UNK>, <UNK>". This is what happens to the human body. Static electricity.


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