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What is Meant by Anti Static Foam?

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The anti-static foam can help to dissipate the electrostatic charges that can damage delicate electronic components. They are made from a combination of polyethylene and polyurethane. This Anti Static Foam is made by adding special chemicals, which are then combined with an antistatic agent. The manufacturing process for this type of foam involves using pink as a color to differentiate it from the others. The industry uses this color to help identify this type of foam as an ESD or antistatic material. The low molecular weight of the fatty acids used in the process is typically derived from amines or amides. The special chemicals used in the manufacturing process are then combined with an anti-static agent. This type of foam is usually made from pink as a color to differentiate it from the others. It can also help protect delicate electronic components from electrostatic discharge.

When to Use Anti Static Foam Package?

Since these components are located within the foam's various niches, so there is no chance of them getting charged by frictional or triboelectric activities. In addition, it can help prevent electrical charges from getting foam cut to size stuck in the packaging. Besides shielding products from static discharge, the anti-static foam can also prevent electrical charges from traveling through the packaging. This is because the foam's individual niches are designed to keep components from rubbing together, which eliminates the possibility of triboelectric or frictional charges. Before implementing precautionary measures to prevent the damage caused by electrostatic discharge, a computer manufacturer discovered that their products were prone to failure after they had left the factory. Due to the existence of potential sources such as static electricity and the expensive electrostatic discharge systems, businesses have been greatly benefited by the use of anti-static foam.

Anti Static Foam


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