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What hazards can the electrostatic discharge ESD cause?

Views: 647 Update date: Jan 31,2018

ESD electrostatic discharge (ESD), the biggest and most common hazard is in the electronics industry, and all high precision technology industries based on electronic devices. Static electricity can inadvertently expensive electronic device breakdown, the damage caused by dysfunction of electronics and components, especially semiconductor integrated components now increasingly large scale, integrated voltage is lower and lower, the greater the electrostatic voltage sensitivity and electrostatic voltage, small can affect the components of the operation, and even breakdown components. Cause a lot of damage. In many factories, the electrostatic contact is often caused by the electrostatic contact of the human body when the workers are in operation, so it can't be seen by the naked eye. When the circuit is detected, it will not pass. So it is necessary to do a good job of ESD care in the electronics industry


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