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What damage does static electricity cause to electronic products

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The basic physical characteristics of static electricity are: 
attraction or repulsion, potential difference with the earth, 
and discharge current. 
These three characteristics can have three effects on electronic components: 
(1) Electrostatic adsorption of dust reduces the insulation resistance of components (shortens the service life).
 (2) Electro Static discharge (ESD) damage, resulting in electronic components can not work. Table 1 lists the electrostatic voltages that some common 
electronic components can withstand electrostatic damage. 
It can be seen from the table that the electrostatic damage voltages 
of most components are in the range of several hundred to several thousand volts,
 while the electrostatic generated by human activities in a dry environment can reach several thousand to tens of thousands of volts. Fig. 
2 shows the internal appearance of a CMOS device and a bipolar device after ESD damage. 
(3) The electromagnetic field generated by electrostatic discharge has a large amplitude (up to several hundred volts/meter) and a very wide spectrum (from tens of megabytes 
to several gigabytes), causing interference or even damage to electronic products (electromagnetic interference). The damage to components caused by these three forms
 may be permanent (such as loss of function and inability to recover) or temporary 
(such as temporary loss of function due to interference caused by electrostatic discharge);
 It may be sudden failure or potential failure. Among them, Electro Static discharge (ESD) event is the most common and main cause of component damage.


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