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We Offer the Largest Selection of Conductive Foam from China.

Views: 1485 Update date: Jan 02,2020

Conductive foam has been designed to control the electromagnetic radiations emitted from low-cycling applications like input/output shielding or rectangular strips,which are meant for gasketing applications. This conductive foam is basically made of polyurethane foam, plated with copper and nickel, compressed for 25-75 percent and at a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius. Once released, the foam returns to its normal height. The polyurethane feature protects the foam from environmental impacts.

Conductive foam has a low compression set that ensures long-term gasket performance. Compression of the conductive foam EMI gaskets depends upon the size of the gaskets. The material features low flammability characteristics. It has high workability due to adhesion and you can cut or slit it easily. Conductive foam can be used in mobile phones, noise filter cores, cable trays and shielded rooms.

This is a leading die-cut gasket perfect for any sized server, router, or switch system. Conductive foam is a cost-effective product that is used to shield various frequencies. We at Sinkery Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. offer the best quality conductive foam and other foam products. Let us know your requirements and we can offer you both off-the-shelf and customized solutions.

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