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Foam Box Inserts for Packaging & Shipping

Views: 1262 Update date: Sep 05,2018

Sinkery offers a wide range of applications for the organization and protection of the components of your shipping boxes. We specialize in designing and making custom foam inserts to meet your specifications, and can also provide corrugated shipping boxes and logo imprinting for a complete solution.

Custom foam box inserts for packaging and shipping give your products the protection and aesthetic presentation they deserve.

Sinkery  will work with you to design, recommend and manufacture the best foam box inserts, trays and liners based upon:

·         The fragility of your product

·         Handling and transportation conditions

·         Cushioning requirement calculations

·         Product design considerations

·         Foam inserts made from polyurethane, polyethylene, EVA,PE

Custom die cut foam packaging inserts and box liners from Sinkery are durable, lightweight, will absorb shock, protect surfaces and provide cushioning. We fabricate both rigid EPS and soft PE/PU foam box inserts in our own production facilities in Manchester, NH to your specifications. Design assistance available.



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