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ESD box introduction

Views: 675 Update date: Nov 30,2018
The antistatic injection turnover box takes polypropylene ( PP ) as a base material.
Add carbon powder,
Carbon powder can conduct current and has strong mechanical properties.
The composite material is made by traditional injection molding process.
When the surface and volume resistivity are less than 10 to the 9th ohm / cm < 2 >
Conductivity can achieve antistatic / conductive effect.
Anti - static turnover box function:
Anti - static hollow plate turnover boxes are made of hollow plates and are divided into skeleton boxes, folding boxes, gland boxes, etc.
The antistatic turnover box can effectively release the charges accumulated on the surface of the object,
so as not to generate charge accumulation and high potential difference;
has the functions of toughness, wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and the like.
It is widely used in the turnover loading - packaging - storage and transportation of electronic devices and products in the production process.


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