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Electrostatic foam's function

Views: 963 Update date: Mar 20,2019

Eliminate static electricity, a large number of electronic devices and products used in the production process 

of turnaround load, packaging, storage and transportation. In the industry, it is also called electrostatic foam.

 The height of foam is generally less than 100 mm. It is suitable for containers of precise electronic components,

 according to the requirements of customers'electronic components, so the size of foam is also different.

Antistatic foam is an ideal tool for storing electronic components. Due to the addition of special polymer 

chains in the raw materials, the electrostatic dissipation properties of the finished products are permanent.

 The finished product has good mechanical strength and heat resistance, good impact strength and 

chemical corrosion resistance. It will not change its anti-static performance because of the environment,

 time and temperature.

Anti-static foaming cotton can effectively release the accumulated static charge on the surface of the object, 

so that it will not generate charge accumulation and high potential difference; it can greatly reduce the damage

 rate of electronic products in the production process, reduce the cost, and improve product quality and profit.


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