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Conductive/Anti-static IXPE foam

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Conductive/anti-static IXPE foam is produced by compounding PE with some special padding, 

High-effective conductive agent and foaming material, then cross-linked and foaming.After formed,

A conductive path/network is formed inside the sheet to achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge.

Data sheet

CE series(conducting type)
DE series(dissipative type)
1 Color Black
2 Density 30-80 Kg/m3
3 Surface resistance 103—106 Ω/sq 106—109 Ω/sq
4 Volume resistance 103—106Ω•cm 106—109Ω•cm
5 Friction static voltage <50V <100V
6 Static voltage decay time <1.0s


1. Intrinsically conductive path/network, excellent antistatic performance.

2. The static electricity can be quickly leaked without using the environmental humidity,

 and the antistatic performance is not affected by the environmental humidity.

3. Anti-static aging is permanent anti-static. Not affected by environmental dry or humidity.
4. Excellent electrical conductivity: electrostatic index value 103-109 Ω/sq;
5. Excellent cushioning and shock absorption performance; independent and closed cells.
6. High temperature resistance: IXPE have a maximum temperature resistance of 120 °C.
7. Chemical resistance: resistant to organic solvents, acids, alkalis, etc.
8. No chemical corrosion: no corrosion to components and packaging.
9. Insulation: sound insulation, no water absorption, moisture resistance.
10. Good secondary processing performance, easy to form.

Application areas

1. Applications in the optoelectronics industry.

A. Optoelectronic components:
①Passive components: couplers, jumpers, amplifiers, single-fiber bidirectional components, etc.
②Active devices: transmitting module, receiving module, transceiver module, single-fiber bidirectional module.
③Diodes and components: LEDs, photodiodes, laser diode components, etc.
④CATV components: components for light reception, components for return, laser diode components, etc.

B. LCD industry:
①Display device: display, etc.
②Control circuit: control module, backlight module, etc

C.Optical lens, lens industry
①Lenses for digital cameras.
②Gratings, filters, etc. for optical communication.

2. Applications in the microelectronics industry.

A. Semiconductor industry
① Wafer/wafer wafer industry applications: package liners;
②Integrated circuits: digital IC, linear IC, monolithic IC, thick film IC, MOS-containing IC, hybrid IC, etc.; its characteristics are related to the package mode.
③Semiconductor tubes: diodes, transistors / crystal oscillators, thyristors, etc.
④MOS structure components: CMOS, DMOS/EMOS, NMOS, VMOS, HMOS; some can be prevented by designing protection circuits.

B. PCB and various boards.
①PCB, board with the aforementioned components.
②Modules and devices including the aforementioned components, such as light source modules, photoelectric modules, communication modules, IGBT modules, etc.

C.Electronics and communication industry using the aforementioned components, boards and modules for packaging.
①Mobile phones, computers, especially notebooks, HDTVs, etc.
②Cable TV network, IP, IT and other communications, video cable, wireless network.

3. Applications in the aviation, aerospace, communications, military ammunition, chemical and chemical industries.


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