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Conductive fabric tape

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Conductive fabric tape is the addition of glue on the basis of conductive cloth.


The conductive fabric is on the polyester fiber, firstly plated with metallic nickel, and then plated with a highly conductive copper layer on the nickel. The copper layer is further plated with an anti-oxidation nickel metal layer to prevent corrosion. The combination of copper and nickel provides Excellent electrical conductivity and good electromagnetic shielding, shielding effectiveness ranges from 100K to 3GHz.


The glue used for the conductive fabric is generally divided into conductive glue and ordinary glue. The conductive adhesive is generally a conductive acrylic adhesive, and the ordinary adhesive is a common acrylic adhesive or a hot melt adhesive.


Conductive fabric tape has good conductivity and electromagnetic shielding effect, and is resistant to friction, dirt and oxidation.


It is suitable for all kinds of electronic and electrical products such as computers, mobile phones, wires, cables, etc. And mainly shields or isolates electromagnetic waves or infinite waves during high-frequency transmission.


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