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Comparison of Packaging Lining Materials

Views: 931 Update date: May 23,2019

The modern society is changing with each passing               

day and the economy is developing at a high speed.  People in daily life and industrial production of goods,   have a package, can't bare things, even in daily life to buy a box of needles or a pair of socks also have           a plastic bag. Therefore, there is packaging for goods. Packaging concerns everyone and thousands of households.

A large part of this is the outer packing paper box with built-in products. There is a certain gap between           the outer packing paper box and the products. Besides, the paper box can only be made into a square shape, which cannot surround the products in all directions  and will be damaged during transportation and movement.
The packaging sponge has high plasticity,    good flexibility and strong air permeability,  can not only fill the gaps between paper boxes and products and improve the grade of commodities,  but also can well protect commodities from being  broken and damaged during transportation and movement, is shockproof and falls-proof, and can well fix products, especially in the fields of glass      products, cosmetics, jewelry, ceramic products, gifts, medical appliances, electronic products, automobile accessories, high-grade equipment accessories  and the like, and has wide application.


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