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Application of Anti-static packing foam and box in Factory

Views: 718 Update date: Apr 08,2019

Anti-static hollow plate is a kind of hollow plate, which has more anti-static function than ordinary conductive 

hollow plate. The special anti-static material is made of anti-static material, which is a new type of anti-static 

turnover packaging material.

With the increasingly stringent requirements of anti-static in factory workshops, some of the plastic hollow 

boards in the factories of hollow boards have anti-static functions. Making them into plastic swing boxes can

 meet the requirements of the containers for the production and circulation of electronic devices by the 

factories. In the past, manufacturers of electronic products did not realize the destructive effect of static

 electricity on products. With the development of science, they noticed that in order to improve the 

performance and service life of the products they produced, anti-static measures should be taken in every 

process of production, transportation and so on. Now, in order to achieve the purpose of anti-static electricity, 

manufacturers have taken many measures, such as wearing static clothes, and shipment with ESD box. 

Wear fingernails. 

Now the anti-static hollow board is also used in the workshop as a plastic turnover box because of its 

anti-static function.


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