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Antistatic ESDFoam Conductive Foam Packaged Foam PUEVA foam

Views: 694 Update date: Jul 31,2018
Antistatic ESD PE Foam

Anti-static foam is produced by compounding PE with some special padding and foaming
Material, then cross linkinked by foaming. The conductivity IXPE foam is a hi-tech ESD product
Which has very good anti-static property, it is an ideal packing material for optoelectronic
Devices and microelectronics devices, integrated circuit, printed circuit board,
Communications, military products etc.

1. Excellent anti-static performance, surface resistivity and volume resistivity is very stable,
Usually in 103-106 Ω , at the same time, according to the customer requirement between adjusted.
2. Long term anti-static.
3. With anti-static propertiesin not affect by environment or dry humidity.
4. Environmental protection, non-toxic, no odor.
5. Shockproof.
6. Good performance: Cutting, adhesive processed into customer requirements of various shapes.


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