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Analysis of electrostatic explosion

Views: 620 Update date: Feb 13,2019
Seeing the news, the washing machine washed down clothes and there was an explosion.
Explosion Principle Analysis:
When explaining the cause, it was mentioned that static electricity accumulated to form an explosion. Usually, electrostatic aggregation will produce discharge phenomena, such as high-voltage power plants, especially when the air is wet, and then thunder caused by thunder in the sky. The energy transfer of strong electric field will form destructive force. If the static electric field is too strong in the washing machine, it will directly act on the electrical parts of the washing machine. It is theoretically possible that the energy in the sealed space is too strong to compress the air to produce explosion-like phenomena.
Electrostatic hazards:
In addition, in general life attempts, people do not know enough about the hazards of static electricity. They all feel that it is normal for people to be charged, such as car door hitters. In fact, strong electric fields can affect skin, heart rate, even reproductive system. And electrostatic aggregation can also form electromagnetic conversion to generate radiation, so the harm of electrostatic can not be ignored.
Prevention of static electricity:
In daily life, it is better to use three-phase socket for all kinds of household appliances. In addition, attention should be paid to the transmission of static electricity from the grounding to the dropping of static electricity, so as to avoid the accumulation of static electricity.
Choose cotton and linen products as far as possible, and nylon and fibre clothes are also prone to static electricity.
Moreover, some products will form static electricity because of high voltage components. For example, some friends of mine said recently that some negative ion products will produce a lot of static electricity because of high voltage. But I know that the real negative ion products should be able to eliminate static electricity. I have seen the experiment of eliminating static electricity by Sailome negative ion products. Therefore, when choosing electrical products, we should also pay attention to the problems of voltage and electrostatic radiation.


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